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To start off, this website will be used to work upon the RawJectCraft server. Everything on that server is located to this so everything on here will be needed/helpful to know to play an excellent experience on the server. Be sure to read this section to understand what exactly the server is about. So lets get into it.

So to start off we will go over plugins and how it will make it a great experience for you to be able to use them correctly. we feature plugins as of Factions, McMMo, EchoPets, AlphaChest, PlotMe, KillStreak, SilkSpawners, FloAuction, and more! To start off with all those, McMMo is an excellent plugin that brings an RPG style base to Minecraft having you be able to rankup your stats on weapons, tools, etc. Factions is a plugin that allows you to create teams and build up in power to take over other people. AlphaChest gives you a virtual chest by doing /chest. SilkSpawners allows you to mine spawners with silk touch, but you have to be a donator or veteran! Killstreak gives you effects as your kill streak gets higher. There's a brief explanation of some of the many amazing plugin's we provide.

Here at RawJectCraft, we have dedicated staff to make the experience of Minecraft better for everyone. And everyone is allowed to right comments about staff members if they feel they are not qualified to be staff. right in the forums if you have ANY problem with staff members. Hope you all enjoy, as we have put alot of time into making this server. Enjoy!

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